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Casino Chips
Like every kid, I collected all sorts of stuff years ago.  But at some point I outgrew the stuffed animals, the ticket stubs, the baseball cards, and all the other "collectibles".  However, as an adult, there is one thing that I collect today; much to the dismay of my bank account, my one collection is of casino chips.

For the most part, these are all chips that I have collected personally and played (and usually lost) in the actual casino.  in the cases where someone else has given me the chip, it is indicated in brackets. 

Almost all the chips are in $1 denominations...lots of $1 souvenirs are novelties, but lots of $5 souvenirs are lost opportunities.  This holds true whenever possible, but of course international casinos don't always make it so easy to conform to the rest of the collection; these other chips are either in the smallest denomination offered, or converted into as close to US$1 as was possible at the time.  Additionally, some American casinos only offer $1 coins / medallions (doubloons?) instead of clay chips.  So although I have visited these casinos, alas, they had no souvenir to contribute to my ever-growing collection. 

So without further ado, show me the money!!.....




Bicycle Casino, Bell Gardens, CA  Bicycle Casino   --   Bell Gardens, CA, USA   (Jul. 2005)

Commerce Casino, Commerce, CA Commerce Casino   --   Commerce, CA, USA   (Jul. 2005)

Hustler Casino, Gardena, CA  Hustler Casino   --   Gardena, CA, USA   (May 2007)


Club 52 - Melbourne Greyhound Park, Melbourne, FL  Club 52 - Melbourne Greyhound Park   --  Melbourne, FL, USA   (Mar. 2009)

Palm Beach Kennel Club, West Palm Beach, FL  Palm Beach Kennel Club   --   West Palm Beach, FL, USA   (Oct. 2007)


Alton-Belle Casino, Alton, IL  Alton-Belle   --   Alton, IL, USA   (circa 2002)

Casino Queen, East St. Louis, IL  Casino Queen  --  East St. Louis, IL, USA   (circa 1995)

Empress Casino, Joliet, IL  Empress Casino   --   Joliet, IL, USA   (circa 2001)

Grand Victoria Casino, Elgin, IL  Grand Victoria Casino   --   Elgin, IL, USA   (circa 2002)

Harrahs, Joliet, IL  Harrah's   --   Joliet, IL, USA   (circa 2001)

Harrahs, Metropolis, IL  Harrah's   --   Metropolis, IL, USA   (circa 2001)

Hollywood Casino, Aurora, IL  Hollywood Casino   --   Aurora, IL, USA   (circa 2002)

Players Riverboat, Metropolis, IL  Players Riverboat Casino [now Harrah's]   --   Metropolis, IL, USA   (circa 1997)


Caesars Indiana (Side A), Harrison County, IN Caesars Indiana (Side B), Harrison County, IN  Caesar's Indiana   --   Harrison Co., IN, USA   (Feb. 2000)

Horseshoe Casino, Hammond, IN Horseshoe (New), Hammond, IN  Horseshoe   --   Hammond, IN, USA   (circa 2002 / Jul. 2009)


Diamond Jo Casino, Worth County, IA  Diamond Jo Casino   --   Worth Co., IA, USA   (Aug. 2008)   [CNC]


Flamingo Casino, New Orleans, LA  Flamingo Casino [no longer exists]   --   New Orleans, LA, USA   (Jun. 1997)

Harrahs, New Orleans, LA  Harrah's   --   New Orleans, LA, USA   (Feb. 2004)

Treasure Chest, Kenner, LA  Treasure Chest Casino   --   Kenner, LA, USA   (Jan. 1999)


Greektown Casino, Detroit, MI  Greektown Casino   --   Detroit, MI, USA   (Aug. 2007)  


Ballys Saloon   Bally's Saloon & Gambling Hall   --   Tunica, MS, USA   (Mar. 2008)

Beau Rivage, Biloxi, MS Beau Rivage, Biloxi, MS  Beau Rivage   --   Biloxi, MS, USA   (Oct. 2002 / Mar. 2008)  

Gold Strike, Tunica, MS  Gold Strike   --   Tunica, MS, USA   (Mar. 2008)  

Golden Moon, Choctaw, MS  Golden Moon   --   Choctaw, MS, USA   (Mar. 2008)   

Grand Casino, Biloxi, MS  Grand Casino   --   Biloxi, MS, USA   (Oct. 2002)

Grand Casino, Tunica, MS  Grand Casino   --   Tunica, MS, USA   (Apr. 2006)   [CNC]

Hard Rock Casino, Biloxi, MS  Hard Rock Casino   --   Biloxi, MS, USA   (Mar. 2008)

Hollywood Casino, Tunica, MS  Hollywood Casino   --   Tunica, MS, USA   (Mar. 2008)

Horseshoe, Tunica, MS  Horseshoe   --   Tunica, MS, USA   (Mar. 2008)

Imperial Palace, Biloxi, MS  Imperial Palace   --   Biloxi, MS, USA (Oct. 2002)

Isle of Capri, Biloxi, MS  Isle of Capri   --   Biloxi, MS, USA   (Mar. 2008)

Palace Casino, Biloxi, MS  Palace Casino   --   Biloxi, MS, USA   (Mar. 2008)   

Resorts, Tunica, MS  Resorts Tunica   --   Tunica, MS, USA   (Mar. 2008)

Sheraton  Casino, Tunica, MS  Sheraton Casino   --   Tunica, MS, USA   (Mar. 2008)

Silver Slipper, Hancock County, MS  Silver Slipper   --   Hancock Co., MS, USA   (Mar. 2008)   

Silver Star, Choctaw, MS  Silver Star   --   Choctaw, MS, USA   (Mar. 2008)


Ameristar Casino, St. Charles, MO  Ameristar Casino   --   St. Charles, MO, USA   (circa 2001)

Casino St. Charles, St. Charles, MO  Casino St. Charles [now Ameristar Casino]   --   St. Charles, MO, USA   (circa 1997)

Harrahs, Maryland Heights, MO  Harrah's   --   Maryland Heights, MO, USA   (circa 1997)   

Players Island, Maryland Heights, MO  Players Island Casino [now Harrah's]   --   Maryland Heights, MO, USA   (circa 1997)

President Casino on the Admiral, St. Louis, MO  President Casino   --   St. Louis, MO, USA   (circa 1996)


Aladdin, Las Vegas, NV  Aladdin  [now Planet Hollywood]   --   Las Vegas, NV, USA  (circa 2000)

Ballys, Las Vegas, NV  Bally's   --   Las Vegas, NV, USA   (Sep. 2008)

Bellagio, Las Vegas, NV Bellagio (New), Las Vegas, NV  Bellagio   --   Las Vegas, NV, USA   (circa 1999 / Sep. 2008)   

Bills Gamblin Hall   Bill's Gamblin' Hall & Saloon   --   Las Vegas, NV, USA   (Sep. 2008)

Binions Horseshoe, Las Vegas, NV  Binion's Horsehoe   --   Las Vegas, NV, USA   (circa 2000)

Caesars Palace   --   Las Vegas, NV, USA  Caesar's Palace   --   Las Vegas, NV, USA   (Sep. 2008)

Casino MonteLago, Henderson, NV  Casino MonteLago   --   Henderson, NV, USA   (Oct. 2007)   [CNC]   

Casino Royale, Las Vegas, NV  Casino Royale   --   Las Vegas, NV, USA   (Sep. 2008)

El Cortez, Las Vegas, NV  El Cortez   --   Las Vegas, NV, USA   (Sep. 2008) 

Excalibur, Las Vegas, NV  Excalibur   --   Las Vegas, NV, USA   (Nov. 2002)

Flamingo Hilton, Las Vegas, NV  Flamingo Hilton   --   Las Vegas, NV, USA   (Apr. 2003)

Four Queens, Las Vegas, NV  Four Queens   --   Las Vegas, NV, USA   (Sep. 2008)

Golden Nugget, Las Vegas, NV  Golden Nugget   --   Las Vegas, NV, USA   (Sep. 2008)

Harrahs Lake Tahoe (Side A), Lake Tahoe, NV Harrahs Lake Tahoe (Side B), Lake Tahoe, NV  Harrah's   --   Lake Tahoe, NV, USA   (Jul. 2006)

Harrahs, Las Vegas, NV  Harrah's   --   Las Vegas, NV, USA   (Dec. 2003)

Harveys (Side A), Lake Tahoe, NV Harveys (Side B), Lake Tahoe, NV  Harvey's   --   Lake Tahoe, NV, USA   (Jul. 2006)

Hooters Casino Hotel (Side A), Las Vegas, NV Hooters Casino Hotel (Side B), Las Vegas, NV  Hooters Casino Hotel   --   Las Vegas, NV, USA   (Jul. 2006)

Hyatt Regency Lake Tahoe, Lake Tahoe, NV  Hyatt Regency Lake Tahoe   --   Lake Tahoe, NV, USA   (Jul. 2006)

Las Vegas Hilton, Las Vegas, NV  Las Vegas Hilton   --   Las Vegas, NV, USA   (pre-1995)   [CNC]

Luxor, Las Vegas, NV  Luxor   --   Las Vegas, NV, USA (circa 2002)

Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas, NV  Mandalay Bay   --   Las Vegas, NV, USA   (circa 2000)

MGM Grand, Las Vegas, NV   MGM Grand   --   Las Vegas, NV, USA   (Nov. 2002)

Montbleu, Lake Tahoe, NV  Montbleu   --   Lake Tahoe, NV, USA   (Jul. 2006)

Monte Carlo, Las Vegas, NV  Monte Carlo   --   Las Vegas, NV, USA   (Nov. 2002)

New York New York, Las Vegas, NV  New York, New York   --   Las Vegas, NV, USA   (circa 2000)   

The Palms (Side A), Las Vegas, NV The Palms (Side B), Las Vegas, NV  Palms Casino   --   Las Vegas, NV, USA   (Nov. 2002)

Paris, Las Vegas, NV Paris (New), Las Vegas, NV  Paris   --   Las Vegas, NV, USA   (circa 1999 / Sep. 2008)

Planet Hollywood, Las Vegas, NV  Planet Hollywood   --   Las Vegas, NV, USA   (Sep. 2008)

Plaza, Las Vegas, NV  Plaza   --   Las Vegas, NV, USA   (Sep. 2008)

Rio (Side A), Las Vegas, NV Rio (Side B), Las Vegas, NV  Rio   --   Las Vegas, NV, USA   (Jul. 2006)

Riviera Casino, Las Vegas, NV  Riviera   --   Las Vegas, NV, USA   (pre-1995)   [CNC]   

Sahara, Las Vegas, NV  Sahara   --   Las Vegas, NV, USA   (Dec. 2005)

Silver City Casino, Las Vegas, NV  Silver City Casino  [no longer exists]   --   Las Vegas, NV, USA   (pre-1995)   [CNC]

Stardust, Las Vegas, NV  Stardust  [no longer exists]   --   Las Vegas, NV, USA   (pre-1995)   [CNC]

The Stratosphere, Las Vegas, NV  Stratosphere   --   Las Vegas, NV, USA   (Dec. 2005)

The Mirage, Las Vegas, NV  The Mirage   --  Las Vegas, NV, USA   (Mar. 1997)

The New Frontier, Las Vegas, NV  The New Frontier   --   Las Vegas, NV, USA   (Dec. 2005)

The Venetian, Las Vegas, NV  The Venetian   --   Las Vegas, NV, USA   (circa 1999)      

Treasure Island (Side A), Las Vegas, NV Treasure Island (Side B), Las Vegas, NV Treasure Island (New), Las Vegas, NV

  Treasure Island   --   Las Vegas, NV, USA
  (circa 2000 / Dec. 2005)

Tropicana, Las Vegas, NV  Tropicana   --   Las Vegas, NV, USA   (Nov. 2002)

Wynn Las Vegas, Las Vegas, NV  Wynn Las Vegas   --   Las Vegas, NV, USA   (Jun. 2005)

New Jersey

Borgata, Atlantic City, NJ  Borgata   --   Atlantic City, NJ, USA   (Jun. 2004)

North Carolina

Harrahs Cherokee (Side A), Cherokee, NC Harrahs Cherokee (Side B), Cherokee, NC  Harrah's Cherokee   --   Cherokee, NC, USA   (May 2006)   


Clearwater Casino, Suquamish, WA  Clearwater Casino   --   Suquamish, WA, USA   (Apr. 2005)

Iron Horse Casino, Auburn, WA  Iron Horse Casino   --   Auburn, WA, USA   (May 2005)

P.J. Pockets, Federal Way, WA  P.J. Pockets Casino   --   Federal Way, WA, USA   (May 2005)




Crystal Casino, Oranjestad, Aruba  Crystal Casino   --   Oranjestad, Aruba   (Aug. 2005)

Stellaris Casino, Palm Beach, Aruba  Stellaris Casino   --   Palm Beach, Aruba   (Aug. 2005)



Crown Casino, Melbourne, Australia  Crown Casino   --   Melbourne, Australia   (Jan. 2004)

Star City, Sydney, Australia  Star City   --   Sydney, Australia   (Jan. 2004)

The Reef, Cairns, Australia  The Reef   --   Cairns, Australia   (Dec. 2003)


Casino de Spa, Spa, Belgium  Casino de Spa   --   Spa, Belgium   (Dec. 2008)   [AMC]

Casino Knokke, Knokke, Belgium  Casino Knokke   --   Knokke, Belgium   (Dec. 2008)   [AMC]

Casino Kursaal Oostende, Oostende, Belgium  Casino Kursaal Oostende   --   Oostende, Belgium   (Dec. 2008)   [AMC]

Grand Casino Brussels, Brussels, Belgium  Grand Casino Brussels   --   Brussels, Belgium   (Oct. 2007)   [AMC]


Casino Windsor, Windsor, ON, Canada  Casino Windsor   --   Windsor, ON, Canada   (Aug. 2007)

Costa Rica

Corobici (Side A), San Jose, Costa Rica Corobici (Side B), San Jose, Costa Rica  Corobici   --   San Jose, Costa Rica   (Sep. 2004)   [AMC]


Princess Casino, Willemstad, Curacao  Princess Casino   --   Willemstad, Curacao   (Jul. 2005)   [AMC]

Czech Republic

Casino Atrium Prague Hilton, Prague, Czech Republic  Casino Atrium Prague Hilton   --   Prague, Czech Republic   (Oct. 2008)


Monte Carlo Casino Palace, Tallinn, Estonia  Monte Carlo Casino Palace   --   Tallinn, Estonia   (Aug. 2003)


Casino Ray (casino), Helsinki, Finland  Casino Ray [casino]   --   Helsinki, Finland   (Aug. 2003)

Casino Ray (night club), Helsinki, Finland  Casino Ray [night club]   --   Helsinki, Finland   (Aug. 2003)

Silja Cruise Lines (Side A), FInland/Sweden Silja Cruise Lines (Side B), Finland/Sweden  Silja Cruise Lines   --   Finland - Sweden   (Aug. 2003)


Casino 2000, Mondorf-les-Bains, Luxembourg   Casino 2000   --   Mondorf-les-Bains, Luxembourg   (Mar. 2008)   [AMC]


Feria Nacional de San Marcos, Aguascalientes, Mexico  Feria Nacional de San Marcos   --   Aguascalientes, Mexico   (May 2004)   [AMC]


Casino Monte-Carlo, Monte Carlo, Monaco  Casino Monte-Carlo   --   Monte Carlo, Monaco   (Oct. 2008)


Holland Casino - Schipol Airport, Amsterdam, Netherlands  Holland Casino - Schipol Airport   --   Amsterdam, Netherlands   (Dec. 2008)   [AMC]

New Zealand

Sky City Casino, Auckland, New Zealand  Sky City Casino   --   Auckland, New Zealand   (Jan. 2004)

Puerto Rico

Dorado Beach Resort, Dorado, Puerto Rico  Dorado Beach Resort   --   Dorado, Puerto Rico (circa 1995)


Grand Casino Luzern, Luzern, Switzerland   Grand Casino Luzern   --   Luzern, Switzerland   (Mar. 2008)   [AMC]



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